Spencer Fane announced a combination last week with California firm Pahl & McCay. We are proud to have worked on this combination that gives Spencer Fane a strong entry into some of the largest legal markets in the country.

“Our firms became confident in this combination as soon as we recognized that we share an uncompromising commitment to preserving a culture that approaches service to others with humility, nurtures collaboration, and is intentional about building and supporting diverse teams for the benefit of our organization and clients,” Spencer Fane Chair Patrick J. Whalen said in the firm announcement. “The result of this approach fuels another of our shared values – a fierce resolve to win – and our combined team is optimistic about the opportunities that will come with our expanded reach into new practice areas and geographies.”

Spencer Fane also announced that Karen K. McCay will serve as Office Managing Partner of the 15-attorney Pahl & McCay team, which represents clients from offices in San Jose and Santa Monica.

“Our firm has enjoyed a 34-year history as part of the California business community, and it’s our interest in continuing to be a valued resource to our clients that motivates this combination,” McCay said. “Many of our clients have a nationwide footprint and others have successfully grown their business outside the state, and we are excited to be able to serve their legal needs in new geographies and expand the legal services we can offer through this combination. While we had not been looking for expansion of such magnitude, we could not pass up this opportunity when we realized the value proposition and cultural match that exists between our two firms.”

"It was a pleasure to work with Spencer Fane and Pahl & McCay on this merger," said Hayden Flowers, Managing Partner of Compass Law Group's Houston office, who facilitated the combination from the recruiting side. "From what has historically happened after each Spencer Fane office opening, we look forward to and anticipate significant growth and business development across the national platform, made possible by the entry into California."

For more information and a complete list of attorneys involved in the merger, see the firm announcement.

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